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Which colors work together, what patterns can be combined, how to match ties and pocket squares. A stylish life is not always easy but help is just a scroll down.

Dressed by Charles is providing you with guides, tipps and advise to successfully navigate through the style-jungle. And as always – get in touch with us in case you need specific advise!

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how to - guides

guides that should help you buy more successful clothes

2020-01-24 | 3 min read

how to buy a suit

Buying a suit is not an easy task. How can you tell if the jacket sits well? Should you go to a bespoke tailor a made-to-measure or can you actually buy it off the rack in a department store

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2020-01-24 | 2 min read

how to choose ties & pocket squares

Most men are probably quite comfortable with wearing ties but when it comes to pocket squares it gets a bit more tricky. But don’t despair it’s not rocket science

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2020-01-24 | 1 min read

introduction to leather shoes construction

Leather shoes – the real ones – are made to last, but some are not – learn the basics about leather shoe construction and why this should be important to you.

Get some first hand advice from Massar Schneiter, store manager at Myrqvists, a high quality shoe design and production company in Sweden.

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2020-04-28 | 1 min read

there is a correct length of shorts

shorts need to end above your knee; and. shorts should be fitting your leg well. If any of your shorts don’t fulfill the above – or match the middle picture below – go to straight to your wardrobe and throw…

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what works best when and how to take care of it!

2020-01-31 | 1 min read

cashmere polo, the perfect essential

  A dark navy polo should be in every man’s wardrobe. Choose always between extra-fine merino or cashmere. A polo in either material is perfect with a chino and sneakers but works well with a suit too

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2020-04-18 | 2 min read

knitted shirts for summer

“Fashion fades only style remains” as stated way back by Coco Chanel. It’s not just a great statement by one who knew but it is also true

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2020-01-31 | 1 min read

the hopsack suit – the fabric for warmer days

Warmer days are approaching so make it like the Italians do – choose lighter material to wear – while still staying stylish. When looking for a suit for spring or summer choose a suit jacket without inner lining and more…

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2020-04-19 | 3 min read

why you should consider buying a linen suit

Maybe you’ve already received the invite or maybe it will come jointly with the raising temperatures – you’re invited to a wedding fancy summer party or dressed-up barbecue

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