The power suit is dead – long live the smart casual

Let’s get relaxed

Ok, I have to explain this probably a bit more. All of bankers, insurance representatives, consultants and IT specialists have certainly noticed that dress codes have changed. Where even IT and back office had to wear suit, shirt and tie are nowadays even sneakers allowed. It is now only on rare business occasions where the powersuit is required – or in some teams they have just not given up yet.

Before you had a clear defined working uniform which consisted of a suit – preferably dark in dark colours (blue or grey), a white or light blue shirt and tie. The shoe part was not so clearly defined but most of the men got it normally right by buying some kind of black or dark brown business shoe.

Now, the game has changed and to dress for work it has now gotten slightly more complicated. Going from all suit, shirt and tie you now have actually to mix and match an odd jacket / blazer to a trouser and a shirt or a pullover and the shoe game has changed as well.

Changing from a clear dresscode “business attire” to “smart / business casual” is causing the most difficulties. What items to wear, how to combine them is a difficult task for men who do not have much interest for menswear or fashion at all. Can you use the suits you own already, do they fit with the shirts and what trousers should you know own? Do you need to renew your full wardrobe?

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Smart casual outfits for the office