Dress codes

Dress codes are confusing

The concept of dress codes is to provide guidance what to wear under which circumstances. Unfortunately, for some man this is not really helping or causing actually more confusion than clarification.

So let’s this clear it out!

There are basically five different dress codes – whereof three of them are linked to very festive occasions. These are all very strict and leave little or none room for interpretation or variation.

white tie

This is only for a special evening events, such as the Vienna Opera Ball or the Nobel Prize ceremony, require this “full formal dress”.

black tie

The coolest code of them all – just remember James Bond in his Tuxedo ordering a dry Martini.

black tie optional

Usually the wedding dress code where you can choose between a tuxedo or a dark suit.

Now, that we have cleared the easy ones out of the way – there are only business attire and smart casual left – and it is those two who are causing the most of problems.

Business attire is basically a clear code as well and does not need that much of explanation – though there are some clear rules that should be followed. There are some key aspects to adhere to which are essential to pull it of properly which means that you need to pay attention to detail.

Choosing the proper cloth is one step into the right direction. But the actual key to the right business attire is that it fits and sits really well – independent of how much money you actually have invested.

So, one of the first things you need to do is to get yourself a proper tailor – ask us if you need help.

You might have received an invite for work-related occasions or off-sites where the dress codes is stated as “business casual”. The right interpretation of this code is:

business casual means – wear a suit – but without tie

This should not be confused with “smart casual” – which is causing the most difficulties. So let’s get down to it.

smart casual is the least formal dress code of them all and allows the most room for interpretation.

There are some easy steps to make it work every time:

  • wear a jacket – blazer or overshirt
    (do not use one of your business suit jackets)
  • choose a chino, wool or another natural material trouser in some basic colours
  • combine it with a shirt and a proper shoe – not necessarily a oxford if the trousers are not very formal
  • user our essential concept to simplify the outfit
  • add only one or two additional colors or patterns

smart casual outfits

Now, I hope things got slightly clearer, if not – just get in touch with me