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Learn them, follow them and then break some!

Style rules to know

Want to learn some basic style rules?
We are convinced that knowledge gives confidence, which is something we should all strive for!

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Suit and jackets

Suit and jackets


Combining dark blue and black

The colours are very close and it can therefore be perceived as they clash with each other.
The classic dress code "dark suit", states to wear black shoes with a dark blue suit. But in other contexts, a matching of these colours requires some more instinct.
If you are comfortable matching colours, then embrace it. If not, stay clear of combining those two.


Never close the bottom button of the jacket

In general, the last button (starting from the top) should never be closed.
For a three-button jacket you should close the mid button, and you can close the top one if you want.
For a two-button jacket you should close the top button.
These rules applies if you are standing up. If you sit down, it is not wrong to unbutton all. If you lie down, style rules feel excessive.

Ties and pocket squares

Ties and pocket squares


Tie lenght and colour

The tie should always end precisely above the belt. Easy to remember, but not only that, it also looks the best.
It should not end at the solar plexus or hang over your crotch. If you are looking to hide your family jewels there are better ways to do that.
If you want to play it safe you should wear a darker tie to a light shirt.
You can, however, experiment a bit and a tie in the same tone as the shirt can be very cool.


Pocket square looks

A tie and pocket square should never be in exactly the same colour or pattern - unfortunately a not uncommon gift box at Christmas time.
You should rather try to pick up the colour of the tie in the pocket square, but avoid having the exact same.
On a side note, shiny / glossy pocket squares are outdated and should be replaced by a new one.

Shoes and leather accessories

Shoes and leather accessories


Brown shoes after 18

Not wearing brown shoes after 18 o'clock is a very outdated style rule. Of course you can wear brown shoes in the evening.
But remember that black shoes are always perceived as more formal than brown.


Matching belt and shoes

Matching brown shoes with a brown belt and black shoes with a black belt looks best and thought through.
If you want to excel, also ensure that the watch bracelet and the bag harmonise with other leather accessories.

Shorts and sneakers

Shorts and sneakers


Wearing shorts in town

When it comes to shorts in town, the opinions differ. The traditionalist thinks that adult men should not wear shorts in town. Full stop.
We think, as in so many other cases, that it's all about how it is done. You won't look elegant or stylish if you match anything with a saggy t-shirt and flip-flops. However, if you match your shorts with a summery shirt with folded sleeves, a braided leather belt, some nice bracelets and a pair of white sneakers (where you don't see the socks...), the picture will be a completely different one.


Sneakers to a suit

Previously, when sneakers were something you trained in and the suit was a garment made of glossy material with shoulder pads of extra-terrestrial proportions you shouldn't mix the two. Nowadays we are happy to mix them. The trick to make it look good, however, is to opt out of the built-up power suit from the 80s Wall Street to a suit with soft shoulder in a relaxed design and to choose stylish and clean sneakers. However, skip the tie if you wear sneakers.
Which means, never combine sneakers and ties.




Always wear the watch on the left arm

The reason behind the rule is that most people are right-handed and use the right arm more frequently than the left, which means that the watch is subjected to fewer shocks if worn on the left arm. In addition, there are function buttons and the crown with which you turn up a mechanical watch, available for the right hand. However, you should anyways take the watch off when you turn it up to be as gentle on your costly grip as possible.

If you are right-handed, you probably prefer following the rule.
If you are left-handed you may be more motivated to wear it on the right arm.
As with most of these rules. If you feel more comfortable doing the exact opposite of what the rules say - then do it. Rules are there to be broken.




Backpack and a suit

Your luggage from the backpacking swing in Southeast Asia will cause a hefty crash with every suit.
A stylish model, on the other hand, can provide a nice contrast between dressy and sporty.
In addition, your neck and shoulders will thank you for carrying the pick and pack on your back instead of a shoulder bag or in a bag you carry with one arm.

Dresscode rule

Dresscode rule


Never wear a white tuxedo north of Cairo

The white tuxedo, also called tropical tuxedo, was meant to be worn in the climate south of the equator where it gets too hot with a black one.
The purpose of dress codes for events is to make sure that the guests are uniformly dressed. If you want to stick out, break the rule and you'll slip in like a white peacock.

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