The style formula

Style is individual and should reflect your personality – the genuine you.

Now, that sounds very pretentious and for some of you even off putting. We fully understand that, especially since you might have never thought that much about how you present yourself and what clothes you are wearing.

But we believe that if clothes makes the man, that the way you dress has an impact not only on your surroundings, but also on you and that it can really boost your confidence. If you have never had that feeling – then it is time to come and visit me and let me help you to find your way.

But if you are not just ready yet, no problem, I can give you some help on the way anyway. There is actually an easy way to dress more stylish and playful in an easy way – a simple formula that will help you.

the recipe

The favorite

Always start the outfit with the item you want to wear first – that might be a pair of shoes, a shirt, a jacket or even a pocket square. We call them “favourites” – the starting point of any outfit. These are the items that give the outfit its individual touch. Choose maximal two to keep it easy.

Complete with essentials

Now, whatever favourite(s) you have chosen, complete your outfit for today with essentials and voila, you have a stylish outfit. And it does not even matter if you have chosen a super bright colour or something with patterns, the essential will make it work nonetheless.

Your outfit

The power of the essentials allow you to dress formal, casual, for parties, for your evenings at home – one favourite additions creates directly many different additional options. And the best thing about it – you do not even have to think about it – the essentials will do that!

Just a simple example of how to combine a mustard yellow knitted polo with essentials. Simple and easy and it works always.

and yes, the second chosen favourite of mine is a loafer – once the William Tan in Suede which works fantastically with jeans and a softer summer loafer Ludovico.

The shirt works well even with a suit – once combined with a loafer and once with a sneaker – a clean super soft version from Garment Project – the Type Lux in Sand Suede.