The overshirt – our new favorite

For those of you who follow us on @dressedbycharles on instagram they have seen or read our love for overshirts. So what is all the fuss about it, where does it come from and why should you get one for yourself?

Let me convince you!

Originating from military inspired fatigue shirts worn in the early 20th century, the concept has recently been adapted and entered the menswear mainstream.

The initial concept was to have an additional shirt as an additional layer simply for warmth. Its construction started with quite heavy and durable cotton with some various pockets to the outside. Later, outdoor brands adopted its design for hiking, mountaineering, and other exploration-leaning pursuits – still with isolation as the main purpose.

Now overshirts are produced in all different materials and can be used as such for all different purposes – not only for isolation anymore. There are more sturdy examples in wool which work extremely well in Spring or Autumn that can be worn over shirts or a turtleneck. But there are lots of lighter version in cotton, linen or a combination of both that are a fantastic companion during summer time.

The overshirt can be used in more formal attires – even with shirt and tie – but also in smart casual or pure casual circumstances. As such, you could almost see it as a replacement or at least an equal addition to a blazer – which you already might own.

For @mtslove77 the overshirt has become his most cherished item in his wardrobe – and it is even part of his daily working uniform.

Want to try one yourself? I promise, you are going to love it!

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