Sneakers for men

I can not get enough sneakers!

Honestly, I cannot get enough sneakers and I am always into the most colourful, strange looking sneakers. They are pretty cool and at the time I see them quite trendy – like this beauty below from Adidas – a Pharrell NMD Human Race Trail edition.

The only problem with it?

First of all these sneakers are quite difficult to mix and match and secondly it takes a lot of guts to actually pull such an outfit off – at least for someone who is past its teenage phase.

It is easy to pose for some pictures for GQ or any other fashion magazine with a dark blue suit or similar, but applying these outfits to normal live is a whole different thing.

My way around it?

I have to be honest, I still own a couple of these beauties and will keep and cherish them – and probably even buy more. But for a more normal situation I choose to go with somewhat more clean version of sneakers.

It does not have to be a clean white sneaker as written in one of my previous blogs ( but you can have some additional sneakers in your closet to mix things up.

Mix your sneaker game up by introducing either a mid-size version or additional material such as nubuk leather that allows for a different look. Alternatively choose a sporty sneaker version – however in earth-towns to make it easier to combine.

Do you want to get some outfit examples with these cool colourful sneakers?