working from home options

So right of the start, there are other options than just business shirts to wear for your home office outfits!

Most of us are in another round of home office and by now you probably have made your working setup work, the coffee runs are scheduled and basically everything in your home office is perfectly organised that you can work efficiently.

Now, I have had my fair share of video meetings again and made the scary discovery – all men are either wearing still their regular business shirts – which they normally wear with their suits, or they just wear sloppy polo shirts or even t-shirts.

Why are we dressing so boring? Have we gotten lazy or never really cared – or even worse, never learned?

To be honest, it does not even matter – so let’s be pragmatic by giving you some easy tips how you can switch up your daily home office outfits. First step is style up your upper game by choosing some cooler and more appropriate shirt suggestions.

I understand that you might want to keep your traditional business shirt on to keep the professional appearance going, but I promise you – switch it up to more comfortable and relaxed materials, we promise it will make a huge difference!