So, you are not as sexy as George Clooney?

Nobody is perfect

Not everybody can look like Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds – I am sorry to break the bad news. You are born with your presuppositions and unless you are not willing to enhance yourself surgically, your face, hair, arm length, thickness of thighs, feet – simply your whole body is something you have to come to terms with.

And believe me if I am telling you that nobody is fully happy with himself – so:

Embrace yourself – your are perfect

Your personal fitness should naturally be important to you – but who are we to tell you to exercise on a daily basis, to become a vegetarian, to stop drinking or stop eating sweets.

Unless you are one of those men who can just turn the switch and start exercising on a daily basis and keep a healthy diet – then I salute you.

I myself have started to exercise more regularly during the Covid lockdown in Switzerland and I believe that it improved my health, no scientific results – but my own gut feeling here. But to be completely honest, I still have no six-pack, thighs and arms are the same as before and even my love-handles are still there – yes, I have a pair of those unfortunately.

But for all the others who read this, let me tell you that you can through the right combination of clothes, fit and size bring out the best sides of you!

Emphasise on your good sides!

Use some styling tricks to hide what you do not feel comfortable with. Sounds interesting? It is!

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