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Our brands

Charles is all about quality, sustainability and style – which is why we take the selection of our brands extremely serious!

We love product specialists, traditionalists and innovators in new business models. All our brands prove that on a daily basis!

Oscar Jacobson

Oscar Jacobson’s vision have always been about fit and tailoring. The better a garment fits, falls over your shoulders and feels, the more comfortable and confident you will be. That’s why we have picked Oscar Jacobson.

Oscar Jacobson are very meticulous about details, fitting and tailoring the old way (with stitches rather than glue). You will be able to sit, walk and move however you want without any constraints from your clothes – effortless and comfortable menswear at it’s bests for ready-to-wear!

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J.Lindeberg always aimed to create a modern lifestyle brand that challenged the conservative establishment to dress and think more progressively. JL has convinced us with their modern simplicity, style and advanced functionality.

JL have created a balance between innovative fashion and sportive minimalism. Every garment is a signature piece. JL’s items are attainable luxury with high functionality, they offer a desirable multipurpose look for your active contemporary lifestyle.

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Neuw Denim

Founded by three friends with a shared fascination for denim and music with a common dream to bring quality denim out of the history books back into the 21st century. Neuw Denim are committed to quality, dedicated to sustainability and inspired by music.

By launching their premium sustainable denim line Zero Neuw changed the production process with zero water wasted, zero chemical distressing and zero washing waste! Neuw is continously working for a cleaner better future – with progress every day!

We wear our Neuw jeans proudly – as will you!

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A Day's March

A Day’s March offer high quality clean-cut basics at a friendly price. Every tee, shirt, and sweater is the result of a never ending strive for excellence.

ADM are continuously striving to produce their clothes in an ever more fair and environmentally friendly way – produced mainly in Europe, with most products made from organic cotton. Their focus is not only about the production process, but also making sure that their products have a long-lasting quality and design.

We are proud to be able to offer you A Day’s March make clothes as they don’t have any expiration date.

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Eton has crafted fine men’s shirts since 1928. The original factory and headquarters are in Gånghester, Sweden, where the very first shirts were sewn. Evolving from Swedish craftsmanship and attention to detail, Eton is today a global leading shirt maker and can be found in 49 markets at some of the world’s most exclusive stores.

All shirt fabrics are made from scratch to guarantee the high performance that characterizes the shirts. The garments are long-lasting and should inspire to care for them in the best way possible.
Eton creates diverse and versatile shirts for any occasion in life.

From business and formal events to your day off – there’s always an Eton shirt to look good in!

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Filippa K

Filippa K was founded in 1993 by Filippa Knutsson and Patrik Kihlborg at their kitchen table in Stockholm, Sweden. Inspired by her own needs, Filippa set out to create a brand that recognised the real lives and challenges of modern women and men with a complete wardrobe of pieces that are comfortable and stylish in equal measure.

With over 25 years of building a defining brand in Scandinavian fashion, Filippa K has stayed true to the founding values of style, simplicity, and quality. Each collection embraces these values in its own way with a constant sense of understated elegance and soft minimalism that is long-lasting.

Filippa K’s items will become your favourites – to reach for day after day.

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Garment Project

Garment Project sprang from the desire to manufacture proper casual sneakers – which may be used with anything. With experience from Nike, the man behind Garment Project, Kent Rau Madsen, had a desire to design casual sneakers that offered both comfort and technical details. In 2013, Garment Project became a reality with the Classic Lace sneaker that kicked it all off.

All sneakers are made from the softest skin, handmade in Portugal, and with a focus on comfort, quality and technical details.

Every man needs a Garment Project in their base wardrobe.

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Myrqvist had a vision to make Goodyear Welted shoes accessible to everyone which is why they launched a Kickstarter Fund Raising Campaign. It became the most successful Swedish Kickstarter Campaign in the fashion category.

Myrqvist design and produce high quality shoes and sell them directly to customers without using any retailers, agents or distributers, which is why we are very proud to be able to provide you with their affordable and high quality shoes.

The shoes represent Scandinavian minimalism. They are designed in Stockholm and manufactured by experienced craftsmen in Portugal. The shoes are Goodyear welted and the leather comes from Hermès owned Tanneries du Puy in France where only the finest cuts of full-grain leather are selected.

Myrqvist shoes are made to last for decades!

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Baron was founded in 1978 with the ambition to create well-designed premium bags crafted from high quality leather and canvas. All Baron products combine classic elegance with the contemporary needs of the modern businessman, traveller or hunter. Classic elegance is the common denominator of all Baron products.

Baron is dedicated to quality and sustainability, both in terms of design, materials and workmanship. The product development is focused on continuous improvement of existing models and limited introductions of new models.

The designs are timeless and consistent but functions such as dimensions, shoulder straps, locks, zippers and inner pockets are constantly updated. As a consequence, each Baron product is hand made by skilled artisans, has contemporary functions and is timeless in style.

With a Baron bag at your side, you will always have a great companion!

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Biagio Santo

Biagio Santo was founded in 1972, in Salento, southern Italy. New styles are based upon careful fabric selection, not caring about quantities but consecrating the quality of work.

Biagio Santo’s employees are not just workers or production units, but men and women with their own personalities, with their strengths and weaknesses: Tina, Amelia, Berny, Luigi, Giuseppina and all the others, without whom it would be impossible to continue Biagio Santo’s story. Each tie and pocket square can tell you a story about its creators.

All items are entirely handcrafted and the manufacturing process is linked to Italian sartorial traditions. Every item is unique, but nothing is imposed or left to chance, be it width of the blade, length, weight of the interlining or type and colour.