I am Charles

But my actual name is Pascal

So why Charles then?

With Dressed by Charles it is not about me, it is about creating
a platform that helps men dress effortlessly stylish and playful.

What we want to achieve

Dressed by Charles gives its customers the feeling of being
confident, stylish and perfectly dressed in every situation.

you in the focus

We understand that everybody has already had a life before meeting us, has bought clothes, participated in parties and attended events.

Therefore our focus is not on selling you complete new complete outfits, but to help you to develop a versatile wardrobe that you feel confident and comfortable in.

We get to know you based on what you purchase, what you already own and what you prefer – all the time. The more you interact with us the better we get!


We help to find the needle in the hay stack by hand picking classic and elegant brands in reliable premium quality. This is how we ensure that our customers always find what they are looking for.


Be stylish easy – it’s not about quantity – it’s about having the right selection of items that can be combined invariably.


We understand the individuality of each men and most of them do not want to express their personality through clothes. However, we want to encourage men to understand and discover the possibilities and find the playfulness in expressing who they really are.

Smart selection of items for you

We believe less is more – 3 brands per item, not more.

Thanks to the unique combination of fashion know-how and and our approach – we offer a smart selection of items that can be combined invariably.

always effortlessly well dressed

we inspire our customers to rediscover themselves time and time again.

find everything they need in one place, with just the right fit.