changing dress codes

business dress codes are changing – let Charles help you navigate the new standards

new business looks

different outfits that work well in the new business world

the main ingredients

Charles’ advise – new business looks

it is time to loose your standard suit and mix it up

dress code for your home office

there are limitation to what you should wear in your home offce

Charles’ advise – working from home

we suggest proper trousers and comfortable materials – like flannel, cotton or merino, but lose the cotton hoodie, that is for training only


want to learn the dress codes

get down to the code – learn the key elements of smart casual

power looks

there are still situation where you just need a powersuit

Charles’ advise – power look

get traditional – nothing beats a dark blue or grey suit with white or light blue shirt with tie – always the savest and most powerfull way


Looking for something special

Looking something special for your first date, wedding anniversary or your upcoming interview – no problem. Get in touch with us and we help you!