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It all started with a book...

… and a pair of chinos!

In 2018, I received the book “Klä Dig för Framgång” (“dress for success” written by Oscar Arrsjö) as a gift from my wife. I loved the book and read it from cover to cover, over and over again – it suggests a straight forward approach to find ones own style, basing it all on a wardrobe essentials! It was so appealing that I decided to reach out to the author Oscar to tell him how much I liked his book.

At the same time...

… I tried to find myself a new pair of chinos and a white shirt. The number of offers on-line was amazing – 256 beige chinos and 156 white shirts – provided by one website only! I was neither willing, nor had the time to scroll through all those options!

The idea...

… started to grow

We believe that shopping clothes should be easy and fun. We also believe that you should buy less items that can be combined yet give you an increased number of stylish outfits.

Our vision is therefore to provide an on-line personal boutique that helps men cut through all digital noise by providing handpicked selections of essentials that can be combined invariably.

By the end of 2018 we took the final decision to start building a personal on-line boutique for men under the name Dressed by Charles!


The team

Pascal – Clothes, their materials and dress-codes are one of my passions.
I drive DbC’s brand selections, combinations, co-operations and marketing. Before DbC I worked within digitisation of various financial service institutions. I enjoy (almost) every moment of being self-employed.

Josefine – After 18 years within the financial services industry, I realised I had lost my joy at work. It was time for me to start follow my passions. I’m passionate about novels, really efficient processes and lots of joy at work – or arbetsglädje as we say in Sweden!